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  • Sexual predators spend 24/7 searching for vulnerable individuals to be trafficked (online or in-person).  

  • They establish a relationship, "grooming" them.  This can go on for months.

  • They tend to tell the individual how beautiful/handsome, smart, and wonderful they are and that they care about them or love them.  They then ask to meet or being a more intimate relationship with them.

  • The predator is often not as they appear online (young, good-looking, charming). From there, the scenario can lead in many directions, but often the individual is coerced to engage in seeing or, if in-person, raped or forced to perform a sex act while being filmed or photographed.  This can then be used for black mail (threat of showing the picture/video to family or friends, threatening harm to family or friends).

  • The individual is coerced (forced) to cooperate with their predator for further sexual acts.


Sexting is sending, receiving or distributing nude or sexually explicit photos.


Extortion is the practice of extorting money or sexual favors from someone by threatening to reveal evidence of their sexual activity.


Persistent attempts to have sexual contact with someone who has already refused, especially using:

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Threats of violence

  • Threats of sharing elicit photos online

  • Exploiting relationship of trust

  • Manipulating insecurities

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